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videosample 01 $52.00
Andes Diva cuff

This cuff is par of our Embellished Collection. Handmade, one-of-a-kind wooden cuff. Made from al...

videosample 01 $100.00
Blue Bird Ring

Clafoutis of turquoise beads with brown copper wire handmade ring. -Turquoise aids in the absorp...

videosample 01 $38.00
Tiered Wooden Necklace

This 2 tiered rustic necklace is made of square wooden beads, recycled industrial brass, and raw ...

videosample 01 $320.00
Grillage Cuff Bracelet

Chic grillage cuff bracelet is made of eco-friendly red copper wire. This cuff bracelet is Carmen...


Carmen Eliam’s perspective as a jewelry designer comes from living in Africa, France and the US. ...

videosample 01 $360.00
Grillage Necklace

Hibiscus handmade necklace is part of the Carmen Eliam jewelry Grillage collection. Made of vibra...

Sarah Coventry costume jewelry pendant necklace
Sarah Coventry costume jewelry pendant necklace

Statement necklace - a vintage piece by Sarah Coventry. Thanks for looking!

videosample 01 $116.00
Revelations Ring

A contemporary, bold, elegant cabochon handemade copper wire ring with blue sea beads

videosample 01 $75.00
Lion Tassel Necklace

The Lion Doorknocker Necklace- our take on a tie. Length: Approximately 16.5", chain 1" wide, tas...

videosample 01 $180.00
Infinity bracelet / necklace

Diamond infinity motif on oxidize silver with multicolor Pyrite and Turquoise with silver magnet ...

videosample 01 $360.00
Blue Bird Necklace

Brown copper wire and turquoise beads necklace. -Turquoise promotes self-realisation and assist...

First Video! WWII Propaganda Ring
First Video! WWII Propaganda Ring

Buy my ring, please and thanks :)!

videosample 01 $52.00
Modern Widow cuff

This cuff is part of our Vintage collection. Handmade, one-of-a-kind wooden cuff. Made from all r...


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