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videosample 01 $32.00
Fringe Earrings

These earrings are made up delicate pieces of recycled industrial brass fringe, supported by bras...

Sarah Coventry costume jewelry pendant necklace
Sarah Coventry costume jewelry pendant necklace

Statement necklace - a vintage piece by Sarah Coventry. Thanks for looking!

videosample 01 $116.00
Revelations Ring

A contemporary, bold, elegant cabochon handemade copper wire ring with blue sea beads

videosample 01 $180.00
Infinity bracelet / necklace

Diamond infinity motif on oxidize silver with multicolor Pyrite and Turquoise with silver magnet ...

videosample 01 $115.00
Native Chief Collar Necklace

A neon pink and chief adorned modern take on the century old peter pan collar. Length: Approximat...

videosample 01 $320.00
Blue Bird Cuff Bracelet

The marriage of the brown copper and blue turquoise beads gives to the cuff bracelet his uniquene...

EE cuffs
EE cuffs

From Inspiration to creation—These unique handmade cuffs made from recycled materials was the vis...

videosample 01 $360.00
Grillage Necklace

Hibiscus handmade necklace is part of the Carmen Eliam jewelry Grillage collection. Made of vibra...

videosample 01 $48.00
Royal Lace cuff

This cuff is part of our Vintage collection. Handmade, one-of-a-kind wooden cuff. Made from all r...

videosample 01 $60.00
Reiki Ring

Beautiful and perfect copper wire handmade fleur ring for all seasons, this ring is designed with...

videosample 01 $26.00
Pink Disk Earrings

Pictures earrings are made of coral painted African beads, gold finished metal, and supported by ...

First Video! WWII Propaganda Ring
First Video! WWII Propaganda Ring

Buy my ring, please and thanks :)!

videosample 01 $99.00
Gabrielle Earrings (xtra lg)

Don't let the size of these earrings fool you - they're simple and classic enough that they might...


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